Impact of wakeboats waves- results of studies

Recent scientific studies have shown that artificially created large waves cause significant damage to the shoreline and natural habitats, and re-suspension of sediments.

Results of studies
Impact of the waves on the shoreline:

Every wakeboat passage produces a significant increase in the wave energy when it reaches the shore

( increased x 4).

The impact of wakeboat navigation is directly and inversely linked to the distance between the boat and the shoreline

The significant increase in wave energy takes up to 300 m. to dissipate.

The damage caused by waves from wakeboats is significantly reduced if they are generated 300 m or more from the shore.

Waves created by wakesurf activity have the greatest impact when the wave reaches the shore.  (1.7 times higher than a regular boat wake)

The impact of waves from wakeboats is greater where the shoreline is steeper rather  than sloping gently.

Another impact of the waves measured in the study: Re-suspension of sediments

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  • Impact of the waves at depth:

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