Lac Mercier and its watershed


Localization of the Lake

Lac Mercier an its Watershed


… « Lac Mercier is a lake situated in the territory of the city of Mont-Tremblant, made up of a surface and watershed described as of middle size i.e. respectively 1.2 and 12.5 kms².  There is a maximum depth of 34.9 meters (Clement and Ouimet, 2004).

The principal water sources of the lake come from lakes Moore, St-Jean and Sommet.

It’s proximity to the village exposes the watershed of Lac Mercier to strong pressures of anthropic origin. Also, the collector storm sewer from the village spills into the southwest portion of the lake.

Lac Mercier has long been attractive to numerous tourists, visitors, and residents from the region because it has one of the rare public beaches in the territory of the city of Mont-Tremblant.

70% of the forest surrounding Lac Mercier has been utilized for urban development or regional roads (Clement and Ouimet 2004). Approximately half of the perimeter of the lake is made up of the linear park (parc linéare du P’tit  Train du Nord).”

Drawn from « Plan d’action du lac Mercier » Projet Bleu Laurentides CRE Laurentides 2007-2008 (p. 4)

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 Map of the lake

 A map illustrating the contour and depths of lac Mercier was produced in June 2013.

This is the Bathymetric map of the lake