Recall of past activities related to development in the watershed

Development Projects

 Since the late 80’s, there have been many new housing developments in the area. The association remains concerned, because any major development work brings drainage water, which has an impact on the shoreline and quality of lake water.


In 1989, the Association commissioned an environmental impact study by the firm EAT, in relation to a housing development “Développement Molson-Larivière” on the east side of the lake, now known as l’Orée-des-Lacs.

Subsequently, the association du lac Mercier made:

  • Interventions aimed at the protection of mountain summits in the watershed of Lac Mercier, several of which were threatened by new housing projects (Orée des lacs, Cap Tremblant)
  • Interventions aimed at protecting the streams emptying into Lac Mercier
  • Publication of a Memorandum (March 2003) delivered to the City bearing on the harmonization of municipal urbanism regulations.
  • Representation made to the City when the urban perimeter of the village was to be enlarged to accommodate increased density and the creation of a commercial zone at Cap Tremblant, on the south end of the lake (2003-2004)
  • Requests for limitation of the density in housing developments in the watershed of Lac Mercier (2005)
  • Interventions to limit the intensive clear-cutting in the second phase of the housing development  “Domaine Privilège” (2004) which is now the on the west side of the lake
  • Collaboration with Environment Mont-Tremblant, in the memorandum presented to the Ministry of the Environment relating to the “Projet de Plan de développement durable du Québec” (2005)
  • Participation in consultations for future developments (2008)
  • Report to CRE Laurentides in the development of a charter of natural landscapes and constructed areas in the Laurentians (2004-2005)
  • Requested the city to not authorize further commercial development around the lake (2008)

The Association must remain vigilant with regards the new constructions and new housing developments around the lake.


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