Natural habitat and wildlife

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Measures to protect wildlife habitat at lac Mercier:


Very useful information on how to protect wildlife habitats can be found in a presentation by AGIR pour la Diable, published in Summer 2012:

         “La rive, un habitat faunique à préserver”


During the winter, bird-watching can become an interesting pastime. If you decide to attract birds by feeding them at the start of Winter, you must continue until Spring. For these pleasant visitors, the availability of food becomes a question of survival.

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Club Ornithologique des Hautes-Laurentides

It is strongly recommended, NOT to feed deer during any season. Attracting them close to dwellings increases the risk of collision with cars.

Also, deer greatly enjoy eating newly-planted bushes along the regenerated shoreline, as well as those used only for landscaping.



Wildlife is present all around us. We should respect their habitat.


Faune7 (2)  Do you know what a fox track looks like ?

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