Herunder is the latest news from the Association du lac Mercier.

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Annual General Meeting

Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the 29th annual general meeting (“AGM”) of our Association which will take place June 8th next. It will be the opportunity for all to discuss of our common interests and objectives.

Here is the agenda of our 2019 Annual General Meeting.

In order to prepare for the Annual General Meeting, you may consult the following documents :

Minutes of our last 2018 AGM,            Proposition to modify the General By-Laws

Please be reminded that only paid-up members will be admitted at our the AGM.

Annual dues

Please mail in your dues before June 1, 2019 to facilitate the admission procedures.

Looking forward to meeting you !

Scott Hayward, President


Quality of lake water

The water transparency results from 2018 are now available on the website.

See Quality of the lake water -> Water transparency results 2018 section.


Eurasian Water milfoil

Update on the Eurasian water milfoil situation.

Consult the section “Quality of the lake water-> Summer 2017: milfoil cluster near the municipal beach


filtration marsh on chemin Plouffe

The city has confirmed that the filtration marsh will be emptied of sediments, and the plants replaced at the beginning of July 2018.

For more details, consult the section “Quality of the lake water-> Filtration marsh“.




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