Herunder is the latest news from the Association du lac Mercier.

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Quality of lake water

The water transparency results are now available on the website.

See Quality of the lake water -> Water transparency results 2017 section.

 Eurasian Water milfoil

Update on the Eurasian water milfoil situation.

Consult the section “Quality of the lake water-> Summer 2017: milfoil cluster near the municipal beach


filtration marsh on chemin Plouffe

For more details, consult the section “Quality of the lake water-> Filtration marsh“.


Courtesy code of nautical conduct

During the month of July 2017, our code of nautical conduct has been distributed to all the owners of boats on the lake.


Survey 2017

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday June 11, 2017 in an atmosphere of cordial cooperation. More than 30 members were able to share their common preoccupations, and question our invited guests. Municipal councillors Thérèse Barrette and  Pascal de Bellefeuille, and biologist Sandra Gagné, who had just returned from a long sick leave, gave us the latest information relating to the lac Mercier environment.

Our guests committed to a quick follow-up on the concerns raised by our members.

Your Executive will provide you with any new information as soon as it is available.

The meeting was also a good opportunity to meet our new neighbours, and renew contact with other lakeside residents.


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