Longstanding involvement in the protection of the shoreline


Protection of the Shoreline

Conscious of the fragility and the deterioration of the shoreline in several areas, the association has, for some time, undertaken many efforts to improve the condition of the shore.


  • Request to the environmental firm (E.A.T) to categorize the shoreline of the lake (1994).

-The established facts are worrisome : 25% of the shoreline is not natural, which is the highest rate in the Province. Also, the lake is classified “vulnerable” because 52% of the shoreline is degraded.

  • Published bulletins warning of the problems relating to the erosion of the shoreline, and the impact of over fertilization, mostly with
  • Repeated discussions and documentations distributed at the Annual Meetings.
  • Development of numerous initiatives to reduce the impact of erosion on the shoreline – since 2004.

-Requests to the city and the MRC to re-forest the shoreline of Lac Mercier along the abandoned railway track (since 2004).

-Participation in the MRC program to re-vegetate the shoreline along the Linear Park.

-Participation with the MRC program to evaluate the forestry resources along the Linear Park, in order to limit the problems of erosion along the abandoned railway line (since 2006).

  • Collaboration with the “department of the environment” of the city, to implement an action plan for Lac Mercier (2007).
  • Participation and collaboration with the city program to evaluate it’s lakes at 3-yearly intervals.

-Hereunder is a summary of the “Service de l’environnement”, city of Mont-Tremblant,

in the study of Lac Mercier 2007 report: Programme triennal de suivi des lacs”,  2007 ,


…The city, lakeside residents and our association will implement a program to control external contaminants

The city and the MRC developed an action plan for lac Mercier in 2007 (Laniel,  2007), which would outline the ambitious measures required to protect and improve the ecosystem of the lake

Re-forest the shoreline especially along the linear park

Inspect and/or repair septic systems

Study rain water overflow into the lake from the village sector

Regular monitoring of the blue algae and milfoil blooms.



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