Nautical activities and lifestyle quality at lac Mercier


We can readily appreciate the beauty of Lac Mercier with it’s unique sunrises and sunsets, the haunting cries of the loon, the lazy movements of a duck family and the coordinated paddling of dragon boat crews.

But this small lake of less than 3 km is the source of significant conflicts between the practitioners of different nautical activities.

Numerous attempts at compromise and adjustment have been made.

Chronology of our requests relating to nautical activities

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Impact of large waves:

Recent scientific studies have shown that artificially created large waves cause significant damage to the shoreline and natural habitats, and re-suspension of sediments.

Article: Des vagues néfastes pour les rives


Damage is also caused to structures such as floating docks and the boats that are attached thereto, and the large waves also present risks to swimmers and to small watercraft.


Impact of large waves- results of scientific studies

Lac Mercier is only 288 meters wide at the center of the lake. Erosion caused by the large waves is most noticeable along the shore of the narrowest part of the lake.



City’s Lake management committee

In the context of the Municipality’s policy relating to the access and usage of our lakes during 2010, a lake management committee was created, in order to establish rules and environmental codes of conduct, for each lake in the territory.

In order to ensure the permanence of the lake, it’s accessibility, tranquility and the security of the users, the City has taken the following principles into consideration:

-the importance of putting in place measures to protect the quality of the lake such as the obligatory washing of boats prior to launch,

-the requirement that all operators of motorboats be informed about the environmental and courtesy code of conduct,

-the requirement of enforcing better control over boat launches from the municipal boat ramp,

-the capacity of the lake to safely accommodate additional motorized craft by limiting the number of daily launches to five (5).

City of Mont-Tremblant: Navigation au lac Mercier 2010

City of Mont-Tremblant : regulation (2015)-A-43

The regulations that are in force and the environmental and nautical code of conduct have been posted on a panel near the boat-launching area of the public beach.

Amongst the code of conduct recommendations can be found:

  • Water-skiing is permitted only beyond a 60 meter perimeter from the shoreline
  • Wakeboard and wake skate activities are permitted only beyond 100 meters of the shore
  • Rapid motorboat activities are permitted between 09:00h and 20:00h.
Courtesy Code of Nautical conduct on Lac Mercier.

L’Association du lac Mercier share the objectives of the city of Mont-Tremblant, insofar as they relate to the perpetual protection of the shoreline, access to the lake for residents of the Mont-Tremblant, and the guarantee of tranquility and security to all those that enjoy use of the lake.

We are actively collaborating with the municipal lake management committee in:

-enforcing the measures used to control boat access to the ramp near the public beach,

-finding ways to encourage boat users to follow the environmental and courtesy code,

-ensuring that the practice of various nautical activities be acceptable and agreeable for all,

-ensuring that nautical activities have a minimal impact on the shoreline and natural habitats

The essence of a code of nautical ethics is to maintain a balance between the protection of the environment, the interests of lakefront residents, and the pleasures of country life, while ensuring a harmonious cohabitation amongst the various users of the lake.



Our code of nautical courtesy, first developed on 2003, has been modified to incorporate a recommendation made by the lake management committee (City) in 2010 and to address the new issue of wake boats, which by creating large waves, have a significant impact on shoreline erosion and on the installations of lakefront owners.

The Association du lac Mercier is complying with the schedule for towing activities recommended by the municipal Lake Committee.

In an attempt to simplify and harmonize the various codes of courtesy existing, we have revised our Code of Nautical Courtesy in 2014 in so that it reflects the recommendations of the municipal Lake Committee.

We have received a clear mandate from our members in relation to the safe and agreable practice of nautical activities. Everyone hopes to be able to enjoy the activity of their choice in a safe and pleasant manner.


We insist on the requirement that there be a daily timetable during which “green activities” (fishing, canoeing, kayaking, paddling, pedal boating, swimming, etc.) can be enjoyed without fear and with full security.

The enthusiasts of calm non wave-creating activities can still enjoy a brief period at the beginning and at the end of the day to practice their activities.

The great majority of lakefront owners recognize the relationship between the large waves created by wakeboard and wakesurf activities and the erosion of the shoreline. In order to reduce the impact of large waves, we are constantly reminding the operators of these crafts to follow a line at the center of the lake, as far away as possible from the shore.

A plasticized card of our code of nautical conduct has been distributed to all the owners of boats on the lake.

We are hopefully optimistic that we will get the collaboration of all the water skiers and wakeboarders, so that all those that utilize the lake, and those that reside along  the shoreline, can enjoy their activities in harmony.


Regulations, security and nautical courtesy.

The City of Mont Tremblant police service is reminding the population about the rules of nautical security and the regulations that apply to all operators of motorized watercraft.

All users of the lake are asked to show prudence, and to respect the code of nautical courtesy and the regulations relating to navigation.

Access to the boat ramp near lac Mercier beach

The city of Mont-Tremblant has introduced new measures for Spring 2015 in order to maintain better control of the boat ramp. Amongst these measures, there is now a more rigorous control over the loaner keys for the gate and the installation of a video camera (CCTV) to verify the entrances and exits using the boat ramp.


Access to the boat ramp is prohibited to personal watercraft and wakeboat-type vessels. However, lakeside owners on lac Mercier who own a wakeboat will retain their access to the ramp.

The current bylaws remain in effect for all users of the boat ramp, including the requirement for certified washing of all boats.

City of Mont-Tremblant : regulation (2018)-159

City of Mont-Tremblant : Bylaw  Boat ramp at lac Mercier

Control of the boat access ramp at the beach has been improved during Summer 2016, and the municipal police service is undertaking closer surveillance.

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