Annual General Meeting

Saturday June 13 (9:00 to 10:30)

We will hold the 30th AGM of our Association. The gatherings being unfortunately still prohibited, we will participate this year, in a virtual way, thanks to the technology of Microsoft Teams, (i.e.: No physical meeting on Rue du Couvent as in previous years).

We suggest that you start logging in at 8:45AM to ensure that you are on line by 9:00 as we will start at 9:00 Sharp.

The invitation to sign in with the Microsoft Teams app will follow in a separate email.


  1. Draft proposed Agenda for our AGM 2020 – including our four distinguished guests:
    1. Vincent Causse, Director of the environment and sustainable development
    2. Robert Davis, Eng., Deputy Director General – Director of the Public Works Department
    3. Ms. Mélanie Matte, District Councillor No. 2
    4. Mr. Pascal de Bellefeuille, District Councillor No 1
  2. List of 6 applications received from people interested in renewing their directorships or joining the Board
  3. Draft of the 2019 AGM Minutes
  4. Copies of 4 resolutions of the directors adopted to approve adjustments to our General By-Laws (Regulations # 2020-1 to 2020-4) – they will be presented to you for consideration and ratification by the members

I remind you that only members in good standing (i.e. annual fee of $40 paid) will be admitted to the AGM.  I would appreciate if you could confirm to me your VIRTUAL presence by email by Wednesday, June 10 at the latest, so that we may properly organize this meeting.


A second special invitation by email will be sent to you shortly to allow you to participate in the meeting by Microsoft Teams, from your calendar, simply by logging in as a guest. Details and explanations will follow when the next invitation will be sent, along with a video showing how to reach us.

You will also be able to call Gabriel Lépine if you have difficulty login-in

Gabriel: Cell. 514-891-1618.

Patrice Vachon, President.

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