Chronology of our requests relating to nautical activities


Over the years, the Association du lac Mercier has repeatedly receive complaints from lakeside residents and others who want to enjoy tranquil nautical activities. Numerous attempts at compromise and adjustment have been made.

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Chronology of our requests relating to nautical activities on lac Mercier:

  • At the 1991 Annual meeting where 95 members were present, 82 voted for the resolution limiting waterski and towing activities between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM. After that, the Association:

-Held several discussions amongst users of the lake, in order to harmonize the nautical activities (1990-1991)

-Requested the Municipality of Mont-Tremblant to limit access to the lake by outside boats, via the municipal beach (resolution 1991-371)

-Asked the owners of motorboats to adopt a Code of Ethics relating to the use of motorboats on the lake (1992)

-Distributed information bulletins and held interventions/discussions requesting that the local owners of motorboats restrict the hours of waterskiing between 0900h and 1900h (1992-1999)

-Created of a motorboat committee, because of the need to find solutions to the numerous problems created by certain owners/operators of large motorboats, including those that originated from elsewhere than Lac Mercier


  • Discussions, dialogue and multiple attempts at compromise between the lakeside residents and the owners of motorboats, between 1989 and 1999


  • At the Annual Meeting of October 1999, it was proposed to ban all motorboats on Lac Mercier.

-November 1999, a survey of the 120 lakefront owners: 72 of the 80 responses (90%) were favourable to a prohibition of all motorboats on Lac Mercier

-Request for an amendment to the regulations relating to restrictions of motorboat activity on Lac Mercier (December 11, 1999) so that all motorboats be banned, and only boats propelled by electric motors be permitted

-In December 1999, the municipal council voted a request supporting a restriction on motorboat activities on the lake (Resolution 1999-704)

-Memorandum presented to the Municipality supporting the prohibition of watercraft propelled by gas motors.

-At a public consultation on June 18, 2000 a large majority of those present supported the Association’s request for restrictions on motorboat activity.

-On August 11, 2000 the Municipal Council voted for the status quo, because there was not unanimity  amongst the interveners.


  • Development of a Code of Conduct for nautical activities on the lake.





The Association continued to receive numerous complaints from lakefront residents, concerning the noise of motorboats, and the hours of waterskiing towing (2000-2003)

  • Further requests to the Municipality to improve the controls (gate) for boats coming from outside the municipality, at the level of the municipal beach (August 2002). The regulation is implemented in 2003; Request to the Municipality to place obstacles (large rocks) to inhibit the launching of boats near the lake outlet


  • Presentation to the Municipality (June 2003), of a revised Code of Ethics relating to usage of the lake and request to provide each motorboat owner with a copy of the Code of Ethics.

The Code addressed the following:

-Control of access to the lake for non-Lac Mercier boats, including the obligatory washing of these craft

-Recommendations relating to the operation of motorboats on the lake keeping a safe distance from the shoreline

-Limiting the hours during which waterskiing was permitted, between 10 h. and 19 h.

  • The Association participated in a public consultation meeting on August 23, 2003, which addressed our request for regulations and restrictions on the operation of motorboats on Lac Mercier.

-Despite the opinion of the large majority of those present who supported the request of the Association, the Municipal Council modified the regulations that were requested, in order to accommodate the owners of motorboats; Municipal Council did however support a request an amendment to the Federal Regulations relating to the restrictions of motorboat activity, in order that certain restrictions be applied to Lac Mercier (resolution 2003-645  September 2003)

-This demand for regulation was forwarded by the municipality to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs of Quebec (September 17, 2003) and then on to Transport Canada on June 27, 2005

-This request for regulations is still “under study” and new documentation is required (active dossier)

City of Mont-Tremblant:  resolution2003_645:      

  • The Association du Lac Mercier agreed to the concessions to boat operators included in resolution 2003-645 of September 8, 2003


  • Requests to the Municipality to implement more effective measures to control access to the lake via the public beach (since 2003)


  • Support for the proposals in federal new statute (Law S-8) to control the nuisance originating from personal watercraft (Sea-Doo) in 2004


  • Despite the compromises made by the Association, a group of water-skiers proceeded to create an association (ASRT) in 2006, whose main objective is the rescinding of resolution of regulation 2003-645, which was democratically voted by the city council


  • There have been numerous attempts at dialogue and compromise with the water ski group since 2006
  • Since 2008, there were meetings between representatives of the Municipality and the Association of Water-skiers, in order to develop more harmonious relationships between all users of the lake.
Lake management committee in 2010

In the context of the Municipality’s policy relating to the access and usage of our lakes during 2010, a lake management committee was created, in order to establish rules and environmental codes of conduct, for each lake in the territory.

In order to ensure the permanence of the lake, it’s accessibility, tranquility and the security of the users, the City has taken the following principles into consideration:

-the importance of putting in place measures to protect the quality of the lake such as the obligatory washing of boats prior to launch,

-the requirement that all operators of motorboats be informed about the environmental and courtesy code of conduct,

-the requirement of enforcing better control over boat launches from the municipal boat ramp,

-the capacity of the lake to safely accommodate additional motorized craft by limiting the number of daily launches to five (5).

 City of Mont-Tremblant-  Nautical code on lac Mercier-2010


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